Global Power Network Simulation:

The Global Power Network of "KRFTWRK" is a worldwide simulation of an energy network, based on "Virtual Power Plants", called "VPP".
A "VPP" is a web tool, which recalculates "TIME", which the owner and user of such a "VPP" spends on a home trainer or in a gym, into a raw amount of "Electric Power". These time-data is merged into a database, where it is collected, recalculated and evaluated. The output of the whole simulation will be the global energy-production of all participants.
Important Information:
The team of "KRFTWRK" is working on this application at the moment.
The main task besides the development of the front end- and back end-software
is to find a communication partner for this simulation.
As soon as these steps are done, the start of the experiment will be announced on time. All information you need for participation and manuals for its appropriate use will be available on the website of "KRFTWRK".